I was in a Mexican restaurant one Friday evening with my husband when I heard my cell phone ring. I was not able to answer it quickly enough to talk to the person on the other end, but in a few moments, I heard the "ding" that meant that I had received a message.

I picked up my phone, and as I listened to the message,  my eyes widened in surprise. The caller told me that she had been reading my testimonies on Facebook of people being healed. Of course, I did not know that.  Then, her message got very interesting. She said, "I have never believed in one God. I have always believed that there were many gods. I don't think you would lie, though, so if there really is a God like you describe, I want to learn." My heart started to pound in excitement at what God had just set up. Testimonies are very powerful, indeed.

I made arrangements to meet with this woman to talk. As we met, we began to chat about life in general while I prayed silently for wisdom as to what to say to her. Finally, I asked her, "What questions do you have for me about God?"

Her first question was a zinger! She asked, "If God is real, why doesn't He send out more people like you? Why doesn't He send out more people to pray for the sick?"

My mind whirled. She didn't ask about starving children in Africa or a dozen other things that I thought she would ask about. She didn't ask how I knew there was a God or why so many terrible things happen on the earth. She asked why God didn't send out others to minister healing. After I recovered a bit from the surprise of what she asked, I answered, "Oh, but He has. Many just aren't listening."

The Bible tells us that "believers shall lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." (Mark 16:18) Jesus told His disciples to teach everyone to do the things that He had taught them to do. (Matthew 28:20) Certainly this would include Jesus' instructions to heal the sick. Any believer in Jesus can pray for the sick and see them healed. Of course, it is not my intention that anyone would feel condemned for not ministering to the sick. Many believers simply do not know what is available to them. It is not necessary to be an evangelist or pastor to see the sick healed. No one needs a special gift. The only requirement is to be a believer.

We talked about other things that evening, as well. She experienced healing herself that night, and then she prayed with me to give her life to Jesus through her tears.

No one needs to commission you to minister healing. Just start doing it. Miracles will happen, and lives will be changed. I share simple instructions about healing in my book "Everyday Miracles" which you can purchase from the online store on this website or from Amazon.com.  Even more important, spend time reading and meditating on the miracles of Jesus and listen to the best teacher, the Holy Spirit, and watch what God does through you!




AuthorSherry Evans