A friend asked me to speak to a woman with an unusual life on a chat program a number of years ago. By an unusual life, I mean that she was a full-fledged, practicing Satanist, and our conversation changed my life forever.

As we chatted, she said to me, "I know that your God is very powerful."

I answered her in a confused way, "Then why don't you give your life to my God?"

She typed back, "Because my 'god' would kill me." I tried to assure her that my God could and would protect her, but her fear was too great.

Then came the comment that challenged and shocked me. She said, "If your God is so powerful, and He has given you authority, why don't Christians take it?"

I was taken aback for a moment and said, "That is a good question."

I was not able to lead her to Jesus, but I expressed His love for her. I felt genuine compassion for this young woman and continued to pray for her. But my mind continued to stay on this: "If God is so powerful, and He has given us authority, why don't Christians take it?"

I remember the days in which Christians were terrified of a few hex signs on a person's home or a pile of rocks because it might be an altar of some kind. Most likely neither of those things were signs of witchcraft or satanism, but the question remains concerning such fear over these things.

Have we forgotten how truly awesome, powerful, and transcendent our God is? Have we forgotten that He cast Satan out of heaven with one word?

Have we forgotten that He who is in us is far, far greater than he that is in the world? And have we forgotten that God has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions? Have we never wondered why Jesus didn't tell us to fear those who were involved with witchcraft? Have we failed to take seriously the authority that Jesus gave us to heal the sick and cast out demons? Are we mentally placing the power of Satan higher than our God? 

Last December, some of us from the church that my husband and I pastor went door-to-door passing out gifts. A lovely woman answered the door at one home and we introduced ourselves to each other. When I handed the gift to her, she was genuinely grateful, and said, "Thank you. I don't have much."

I offered to pray for her, and she said, "Well, I'm actually a Wiccan."

I responded, "That's fine. God truly loves you, and I would like to pray for you."

She told me a little of the doctrinal reasons why she was a Wiccan. All of her reasons were misunderstandings of the Bible. However, she was polite and kind as we talked. Finally, she said, "Yes, you may pray for me." This beautiful woman allowed me to lay hands on her as she bowed her head while I prayed that God would reveal Himself to her and bless her life. I saw glimmers of tears in her eyes.

As with the Satanist, I was not able to lead her to Jesus, but I was able to share the love of God. We hugged, and she thanked me over and over again for coming. Seeds were planted, her heart was opened, and now God will make the seeds grow.

People, regardless of their lifestyle, need Jesus. They need to see the love of God flow through us. They need to see that we are confident in our God who is truly awesome. We have authority over the works of darkness and we have the greater One inside of us. Fear should not be a part of our interaction with people.

Since your God is so powerful, and He gave you authority, simply walk in it without fear and filled with His love. People are waiting!




AuthorSherry Evans