As you read these stories of God's power, believe God for your healing. Jesus truly is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Torn Muscle Healed in Minutes

In a recent meeting at church, a man asked me for prayer, pointing to his upper arm. His muscle was hanging underneath his arm and was soft and flabby. Apparently, he had a torn muscle when he fell a few days before. I prayed/commanded, and he landed on the floor. Someone later told me that they could see the muscle moving all over the place. A few minutes later, he walked over to me and said, “LOOK!” His muscle was back on the top of his arm where it belonged, firm and strong again. God is AWESOME!

Amazing Miracle of Man Whose Heart Stopped

A woman asked me to pray for her husband over the phone. Of course, she prayed, as well. Her husband was having periods of afib after a heart surgery. Unfortunately, his heart stopped - for 20 minutes. She called the paramedics, and they started his heart, but, it stopped again - for 15 minutes. This is the time when we prayed over the phone.

The possibility that he had no brain damage or could even survive was about zero. However, amazingly, when they did a brain scan there was NO brain damage at all! They still had him medically sedated, however, and his heart was still in afib at times. Gradually over a week or so, his heart totally recovered, and they allowed the sedation to wear off.

The doctors were amazed! All over the hospital, doctors and nurses went to his room to see his amazing recovery. He is now in a rehabilitation hospital and doing well!

There is nothing too hard for God! Nothing! All the glory goes to Him!

Numbness in Legs and Feet Healed

A woman came to me in Brazil who had a broken disc (her words) in her back. As a result, her one leg and foot were numb all the way down, along with much pain in her back. As I commanded and prayed, God drove out all of the pain, AND the numbness completely left her leg and foot! Thank You, Lord!

Blurriness Gone

I prayed for a man in Brazil who had so much blurriness that he could not read or even, at times, recognize people. Because of the language barrier, even with a translator, I could not determine the exact cause. The translator told me that the man told me that the outer layer of his eye was almost totally gone and worn away. I prayed/commanded several times, and it improved. I went on and prayed for pain in his back and legs, and God removed that completely. Then, he said, “I can see perfectly! No blurriness!” He then proved it by reading the small print on my name tag. Jesus, the SAME yesterday, today, and forever!

Frozen Shoulder Healed

While in Brazil, a woman came to me with a frozen shoulder. As I prayed, her arm started to bend backwards. I was not sure if she was doing that to stretch or what was happening, but she said, “I’m not doing that to my arm. It is doing it all on its own!” Several minutes after that she was much, much better, and after the meeting, she was totally healed! Thank You, Lord!

God Heals a Man’s Knee that Did not Bend

In Brazil, a man asked for prayer who had such bad arthritis in his knee that he could not bend it completely. I prayed and commanded several times, and he could bend it completely with no pain at all.

Woman’s knee pains Gone After Deliverance

As I was ministering in Brazil, a woman came to me with knee pain. The first time I prayed, nothing happened. The second time, I specifically commanded a spirit of infirmity to go, and this time, she was thrown backwards on the floor. When I got up, she said that the pain in her knees was gone! She hugged me and hugged like she would never let go, and her friend cried with joy. Jesus!

Medically Caused Panic Attacks Healed

A woman contacted me concerning a serious issue she was dealing with. She was having panic attacks every half hour to hour apart and had been dealing with this for many months! She explained that they had started because of a combination of medications that she had been given. I prayed a simple prayer commanding the panic attacks to stop and for the effects of the medication to go. She never had another panic attack! Only God can do these things! All glory belongs to Him!

ADHD Healed

I was ministering at a home meeting on one occasion, and a woman said to me, “I just want this ADHD, anxiety, and depression to go away.” I laid hands on her while she was sitting down, and suddenly, she plopped her head down on the table. She said, “I feel tingling all through my brain, and I just can’t seem to hold up my head. It feels so heavy. "

The next day, she told me that she noticed that all that evening, she could concentrate. The next day, she said that she had so much peace and amazing ability to focus. She decided that she was going to go off of her medicine. She gradually reduced the amount of medicine she was on with no symptoms coming back. God is awesome!

Painful Disc Issues Healed

At a church where I was ministering, it was getting very late, and I wanted to close the meeting, but the pastor said, “Could you pray for one more?” A man came up with a back brace on and extreme back pain from messed up discs. I laid hands on him, and he felt heat in his back. Soon, he could move around with NO pain at all.

Two interesting things about that: One thing, was that I had prayed for him before while I had the people praying for one another. The first time, nothing happened. I don’t flow as well in healing when there is a lot of confusion.

The second thing was that he and his wife had been away that weekend. They would have to drive all day to get to the meeting, and the man’s wife really didn’t want to. The man said to his wife, “Last meeting, you got your healing. Your hand was healed. This is my turn.”

God honored his sacrifice and determination and healed him!

Arthritis Healed

While I was ministering at a church, a man walked up to the front and said, “I’m going to run my mouth.” Well, he began to share that the last time I had ministered at this church, his spine had straightened out and his arms were even. Also, his short leg grew out, and he lost his limp. Then, he said that this time, he was coming for the rest of his healing. He was going to be healed of the arthritic pain in his legs and feet. He proclaimed that he WOULD be healed that night. I didn’t have time to answer him or lay hands on him, but he said, “My feet are getting hot.” I stood there without saying anything, and he said, “Now, my legs and knees are getting hot.” Then, tears began to stream down his face. I asked him if there was still pain. He answered, “I have no pain.” What an awesome God!

Insomnia Healed

I was ministering at a conference when a man presented himself to me and said that he had insomnia. For the last 7 or so years, he had only slept 2 to 4 1/2 hours a night! Even when he stayed up for three days trying to get exhausted, he could not sleep. As I prayed, he landed on the floor. About a month later, he contacted me and said that that night, he had slept 9 hours straight and had been sleeping well since. Only God!

Psoriasis Clears Up after Prayer

I prayed for a woman with psoriasis on her hands during a recent meeting. Nothing happened immediately, but the next day, she reported that it had cleared up. God can do what medicine cannot do when you put your trust in Him.

Arthritic Fingers Straighten Up

A woman presented herself to me during a meeting with fingers that were crooked from arthritis. As I prayed, and all watched, the fingers straightened out! Glory to God!

Neuropathy Healed

At a set of meetings I was conducting, several people were healed of neuropathy. In one case, I prayed for a man with leg pain that he had incurred from an accident. Although I didn’t know about the neuropathy in his foot, and therefore, did not pray for that, the neuropathy was healed, as well! God knows just what we all need!

Tinnitus Healed

While conducting a meeting on the West coast, a number of people were healed of tinnitus. One man had had tinnitus for 35 years! In one second, God drove it out. In another case, I prayed for a woman with tinnitus, however, nothing happened immediately. She reported that night that during the day, the tinnitus disappeared. Healing can happen immediately or gradually, but it is always by God’s grace.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Healed

While conducting a meeting in an apartment complex, a man showed me a lump on his wrist. The lump was a bone growth from arthritis. As I prayed, the lump dissolved before our eyes, the pain left, and strength returned to his wrist. What a great God!

Arthritis Healed

A woman contacted me on Facebook messages with neck pain caused by arthritis. She had had the arthritis confirmed by a scan. After prayer, the pain left, and the next time she had a scan of her neck area, no arthritis could be found. Thank You, Lord!

Three Cases of Leg Lengthening

In a meeting, a woman asked me for prayer who had back pain. After I prayed, she said that she felt tingling in her HIP. I replied that perhaps she needed to have her hips rotate for the healing to be complete. I had her sit down, and one leg was longer than the other one. I commanded her hips to rotate and her short leg to come out. Within minutes, both legs were even, and she had no more back pain. During this time, a woman raised her hand and told me that she was feeling heat in her shoulder. Since I was busy praying for the first lady, I sent a friend over to pray for her. The one with the shoulder issue did not feel any different when he prayed for her shoulder, so he discerned that she had an issue with one leg being shorter, as well. He had her sit down, and then HER leg grew out. As all this was going on, a woman sitting in the back of the room thought, “Well, I know that one of my legs is shorter than the other.” So she stuck out her legs, and said to the Lord, “I’ll take this miracle, too, Lord.” Her short leg shot out. She said to me afterwards, “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” Three short leg miracles all in a short period of time - easy for God!

Symptoms of West Nile Virus Healed

At a meeting, I prayed for a man who had had West Nile Virus. The virus had left him legally blind and a multitude of neurological issues. I prayed for his eyes first, and he demonstrated for me that, he could see shadows, but only shadows. After I prayed, he was able to read the print on name tags! Then, the unexpected happened. He felt heat in his chest area, and his breathing freed up. Then, he felt heat in his arms and hands, and the numbness left his hands. Then, he began to feel heat and tingling all through his body. The next day, I heard the report that he had so much more energy that he was up the night before until 2 AM! He also reported that his brain stem felt normal. I only prayed for one thing and that was his eyes. God took over from there!

Neuropathy in Legs and Feet Healed

A man contacted me with  neuropathy in his feet and legs that was so bad that he could barely walk. I prayed and then asked him how it was. He got up and walked and came back and said, "I don't know what to say." 

I was confused and asked again how it was.  He answered, "I've never been healed before. It is completely gone."

About 24 hours, but neuropathy was back, BUT only temporarily. It left again and NEVER came back. Thank You, Lord!



Woman Feels Ovarian Cysts Disappear

A woman contacted me on FB who was in pain with huge ovarian cysts. As I prayed, she asked me if it were  possible for something someone said to her to be causing the cysts. I told her, "Only if you believed them." I had her renounce her wrong belief that those words had caused the cysts, then I commanded the effects on her mind to be broken. She felt the cysts disappear, along with pain, disappear underneath her hands.


Leg Grows Out Which Eliminates Night Side Pain

At a meeting, a woman told me that she had pain in one hip at night. She also told me that one leg was shorter than the other. I explained that many times, the problem is not that one leg is shorter, but that the muscle is too tight or the hips are jammed/out of alignment.  I commanded the leg to grow out, she felt the muscles, etc,  lengthen, and she no longer experienced hip pain at night. 

Hepatitis C, Breast Mass & Painful Inflamation Gone


A woman contacted me with much pain in her right side, a mass in her breast, and Hepatitis C.  In a matter of moments, God had removed her pain. Some time later, she contacted me and told me that her last tests showed that the Hepatitis C was gone, as well as the mass in her breast! Jesus  still heals!


Scoliosis and Acid Reflux Healed

I prayed for a woman with acid reflux and what she thought of as a slouching shoulder and arm. She said that her arm and shoulder hung down lower than the other one and it gave her back pain. First God removed the acid reflux, and then, she felt her arm, shoulder, and back move into place. She went and looked in the mirror, and her shoulders and arm were perfectly even. Two weeks later, I got a message from her in which she said, "Hello, Sherry! I want to testify!!!! Acid reflux is totally gone!!! Back pain and slouching arm and shoulder, totally healed!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!"  PROOF that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does lasting miracles.


Our Great Dentist

I  prayed for a man with pain and possibly cavities in his teeth on one occasion and after I asked him if anything was happening, he said, "I know this sounds strange, but I taste what it tastes like when I get dental work done. It's wild." Then, he told me that side of his mouth went numb. After the numbness wore off, the pain was completely gone. God gets all of the glory!


Broken Toe Healed

As I prayed for a woman's broken toe, she watched as the bones begin to vibrate and then move back into place.  She was amazed as she began to move her toe, something she could not do before. I encouraged her to get up and walk, and the pain was totally gone. Thank You, Lord!


Hip Pops Back into Place

I had a vision one night of a woman hobbling along, and I knew that her hip was out of place. I posted the word of knowledge on Facebook, and a woman from my church came online. As I prayed for her,  she felt her hip pop right back into place, and the pain left. She has not had any problems with her hip since that time.

Black Spots on Eyes Disappear

During our Thursday night healing service, a woman noticed that all of the black spots she saw in her vision disappeared without anyone praying for her or laying hands on her. What a great God!


Inflamation in Pancreas Gone

I had a word of knowledge for a pancreas problem, and I felt that it was inflamation. A woman came on Facebook and said that she had a bulge in her side, and as a nurse, she thought that it was inflamation in her pancreas. As I prayed, she started to HEAR bubbling in that area, and then, an even louder roaring-type sound. She went and checked and the bulge was GONE. Not only that, her waist was an inch smaller than usual. Thank You, Jesus!



Fifteen Years of Knee Pain Healed

This is an email I recently received.

Dear Sherry,
In the spring of 2016, I went to your healing encounter. You had prayed for relief of my knee pains , which agitated me for over 15 years. I have not had any knee pain SINCE spring of 2016. (Even though I don't sit much I still don't feel any discomfort in my knees!




Heart Valve Healed

One evening as I was praying, I had a vision of a physical heart, and I heard the Lord say the word "valve." I posted the word of knowledge on Facebook, and I prayed for a number of people who had some manifestation of healing. There was one that stuck out in my mind, however. A woman came online and explained to me that she has had heart valve issues from having rheumatic fever as a child. Her heart valve had narrowed, and she had had heart palpitations so bad that they took her breath away. She had been dealing with this for 31 years. I prayed once and the palpitations lessened, so I prayed again. She typed, "That's strange. I just felt something 'pop' in my chest, and now my chest is real hot."  I continued to pray and it was not long until all the palpitations were gone. They have not returned.

A later echo-cardiogram showed a completely normal valve! Praise God!


Woman Healed of Arthritis, Plantar Fascist,  Swelling in Various Parts of her Body,  and Varicose Veins

A woman contacted me on Facebook for prayer with much swelling and pain in her body. As I was typing, I could see that she was typing at the same time. When the message came up, it was evident that a miracle had happened. She felt a burning heat in her body that was not there before as God touched her. She said, "It feels so good. It has been so long since I felt this. It is like a long lost friend that has come back. " She felt the heat in the exact places where she had the pain. Soon, she told me that she could visibly see the swelling going down. She sent me a picture of her leg and foot with absolutely no swelling at all. She showed me how she could turn her leg, which she was not able to do before because of the swelling. She ended her messages with me with the simple words, "I feel amazing!" I asked her if she had anything that she wanted prayer for. She answered, "I was going to say varicose veins, but I don't see them anymore. They are gone.   This is my God at work! All praise to Him!

IBS Healed

A man contacted me on Facebook for prayer for his terrible IBS. IBSis incurable to the medical world, but not to God. Several weeks, I got a message back from him telling me that his IBS was "pretty much nonexistent." Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever.



As I was ministering to people in the area of healing at a recent service,  a woman asked for healing from insomnia.  I simply laid hands on her and commanded the insomnia to go and moved on to pray for someone else.  Several weeks later, I got an email from her in which she told me the rest of the story. As she was standing there, she suddenly felt tingling go from the top of her head to the bottom of her spine. She did not know why that happened, but from that day on, she was able to sleep normally.  The insomnia was gone!


POWERFUL TESTIMONY.... About a month ago, a couple brought their young daughter to our healing service for prayer. The daughter had a very rare congenital condition in which there were 2 bile ducts (double common bile duct) when there should only be one. Only 64 people have been diagnosed with this condition in the last 500 years! It is extremely dangerous because the bile goes places it is not supposed to go and causes cancer, etc. I prayed for her specifically and later in the evening, my husband prayed a general prayer over her, not knowing the condition. I'm sure that others prayed, as well.

LAST NIGHT, this couple came back to give a glorious praise report. Several days after prayer, they took their daughter for an MRI/MRICP. The radiologist came in the room, and they thought, "Oh, no. This is bad." After several phone calls to her doctor to find out the results, the mom decided to drive to the office. They handed her a report which simply said, "PERFECT!" The gastroenterologist also called and left a message that the MRI/MRICP was completely normal.  The extra bile duct was gone. Wow, wow. wow! What an AWESOME GOD!!!!


Healing of an Inherited Blood Disorder

I prayed for a woman about 3 weeks ago with an incurable blood disorder called "thalassemia." With this disease, a person has too few red blood cells and hemoglobin. She was pregnant, so there was a lot of concern. She had a new blood test, and today, her doctor called her and said that the disease is now GONE!

It gets more interesting than that! About 2 months ago, this woman had a dream that I laid hands on her stomach and prayed for her baby. Not long after that, she found out she was pregnant. When they counted back to when she must have conceived, it was when she had the dream!!!! HOW AWESOME IS GOD!



A woman came to up during a healing service in Warren, OH, and said, "I wonder if you can help me?" Then she explained that she was stuck. She felt numb, cold, and she could not feel any emotion. Ilaid hands on her, trusting God to do what only He could do. I didn't have time for counseling, inner healing, or any such thing. I had a line of about 40 people waiting for prayer.  Her eyes got big, and I noticed some deliverance occurring. She said, "I feel heat in my stomach and my abdominal area!' I could see a new life coming on her face. Then, she fell to her knees yelling LOUDLY, "I'M UNSTUCK! I'M UNSTUCK!!!"  Her joy and excitement were very real! How wonderful our God is!


Numbness from Surgery Healed

I was conducting a healing service in a church in Warren, Ohio, when a woman came up and asked for prayer because her face and abdominal area was numb.  This numbness was the result of several surgeries. The numbness in her abdominal area left first. I prayed twice for the numbness in her face, and it also left. Thank You, Jesus!


Hepatitis C Healed

I prayed for a woman on FB chat with hepatitis C, and as I prayed, she felt heat and the pain left.  Now testing has shown that the hepatitis is GONE. Praise God!


Unusual Bleeding Healed

Dear Sherry,
I wanted to share my testimony of healing again on your FB wall.
It is now months later and I am very blessed. What I went through was very scary.
This is how it all started.
A few months ago I went out to go shopping one afternoon. I was fine.

On the way home I began to feel odd...pain in my stomach..bloated feeling.
Within a few kidney/bladder - urinary system was being attacked.
I truly felt it was an attack as well. I am rarely sick at all.
I was bleeding heavily...and shaking. I knew my blood pressure was going down. I felt weak and tried to lay down on the sofa. I kept having to get up to go to the bathroom...still bleeding....the shaking was horrible.
I have never had anything like this. I got up feeling I was going to die and began to pray fervently in the spirit. I walked around the house praying in the spirit...and then the shaking started to lessen. I kept praying. About an hour later...the shaking stopped. Thank You Lord.
But it was not over...I still had some bleeding on and off.
About 2 weeks later I was very concerned...and wrote you Sherry.
I was not feeling well. I was really concerned about this.
I got on chat with you. You asked me a few questions...I answered. Didn't give you a lot of information. I came in need and expectation...I needed a touch from God.

All of a sudden I felt HEAT on my legs...and I knew for sure that God was healing me. I was healed Sherry, have not had any problems since.

God really knew my needs. We didn't discuss much. But He knew what I needed. Amazing isn't HE. I feel His touch as I am typing this testimony out....HE KNOWS us where we are...and knows our needs.



Numbness from Stroke Healed

I was performing a service at a local apartment complex, when a man spoke up to tell me that his hand was numb. I walked over, and placed my hand on his, assuming that he had neuropathy in that hand. I commanded the neuropathy to leave quickly and he spoke up to tell me, "Your fingers are so cold!" I agreed with him, but he replied, "No, you don't understand. I haven't felt anything with this hand in seven years!" He rubbed his hand on his pants, and said with complete amazement in his voice, "I can feel the material of my pants!"

When he stopped rubbing his hand on his pants, he told me, "The only thing is that I don't have neuropathy.  My hand became numb from a stroke that I had seven years ago!"

God healed this man even though I prayed against the wrong thing! It is faith in the name of Jesus that brings healing. He is able to heal even when we do not do it perfectly.



TMJ Healed


After prayer, this happened...


Sherry - Can you open your jaw normally yet?



Swelling and Pain Healed in Gums

A woman contacted me on FB who had much swelling and pain from multiple infections in her gums. She had been taking antibiotics, but as soon as the antibiotics were gone, the infection came back. As I prayed, not only did the pain leave, but all the swelling did, as well. She has contacted me since then, and still NO PAIN and NO SWELLING.  Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Neuropathy and Callouses Healed

I prayed for a woman whose feet were burning with neuropathy on FB chat. All the pain and burning left, but get this..... She had huge callouses on her feet that kept her toes from bending. The Lord removed the callouses, and she can now bend her toes normally! Weeks later, she contacted me again to let me know that she still had NO burning and was bending her toes just fine.


Leg Grows Out

On FB chat, I prayed tonight for a man who had one leg shorter than the other because of an accident that he was in years ago. He got up to walk around and said, "I seem to have lost my limp!" The pain left his foot, as well.


Cavities Disappear when Mom Reads Prayer

I had written an article for SpiritFuel entitled "Disappearing Wisdom Teeth and Prayer for Dental Miracles." Several weeks later, I got an email from a woman who explained to me that her children had been diagnosed with cavities. She took the prayer at the end of this blog and prayed it over her children. When she went back to a dentist, the cavities were gone!


Joy of the Lord and Healing

Again, my favorite saying is, "You can't put God in a box!"

I prayed for a man who was dealing with bloating, stomach pain, etc, and felt led to pray for a new healthy gall bladder. Immediately, the JOY OF THE LORD hit him, and he began to laugh and laugh and laugh. In just a few moments, all the bloating and symptoms were gone! The bloating had been so bad, it was hard to breath, but it is GONE through the power of Jesus' name!



Back Healed a Month after Recorded Prayer

After I was interviewed by Wayne Sutton for blogtalk radio, I prayed healing for those who were listening.  A month later, I got an email from a woman who explained to me that she had JUST listened to the prayer, and when she did, she felt heat go throughher back, and all pain left.

Wisdom Tooth with Cavity Disappears


I received a precious testimony in my FB inbox...

"My wisdom teeth had fallen by themselves and in one of them I had a piece of tooth still there with a hole. I could not go to the dentist because it's very expensive and in Mexico 20 min from where I live is way cheaper and they do a great job, but because of too much violence I could not go. When I would eat or worship that wisdom piece that was there kept hurting until you prayed for me. Three days later, I woke up without pain, and without the piece there. My gum feels so smooth and painless, and I can eat and worship God without any problems .."

Thank You, Lord! Instead of filling the cavity, He simply removed the tooth! Dentist Jesus!!!!


Diabetic Foot Pain Healed

While I was visiting another church, I overheard a woman say, "My feet hurt so bad!"  Since I was a visitor in that church, I did not pray for her, but instead told her that I was believing she would be completely healed that night.

After the service was over, I walked out the door, and there was that dear woman standing right outside! I asked her how her feet were, and she said, "Oh, they really hurt. I have diabetic pain."  I asked her if I could pray for her, and she said, "YES!"

I commanded that neuropathy pain to go, and she started dancing and stomping her feet! I asked what was happening, and she told me, "My feet are on fire! My feet are on fire! I'M HEALED! I'M HEALED!" A car came to pick her up, and she walked like a spring chicken to that car and shouted back to me, "I CAN WALK WITHOUT A LIMP!!!!" 

God is SO awesome!


Ovary Healed!

A woman contacted me for prayer as she was in the hospital. She had severe pain in the area of her ovary, and a cat scan had shown that it was enlarged. The concern was that she had a large cyst. Her other ovary had already been removed because of a cyst. The next step was an ultrasound. As I prayed for her, she felt heat in the area of the ovary and the pain quickly disappeared. The next day, the ultrasound showed that her ovary had shrunk to normal size and was now completely normal!


Social Anxiety Disorder Gone

A woman contacted me with stomach pain, a social anxiety disorder, and movement in her stomach when she was receiving prayer. I soon found out that her family practiced an occultic version of Catholicism. I did quick deliverance and didn't hear anything else for awhile. Many months later, she contacted me and told me that the pain, stomach movement, and the social anxiety disorder has not been an issue since.


A "Cool" Miracle

A woman came forward for prayer who had had a hot flash for TWO YEARS! It started when sh

e was 29, as she went into premature menopause and never stopped. As I prayed, she said that she was getting HOTTER. A little while later, she told me that she felt COLD. The first time in TWO YEARS! Thank You, Lord!


 Grave's Disease Healed

At a miracle meeting that I was ministering at, a woman gave testimony that she had asked me previously for prayer because of the severe bone pain and loss that she had experienced because of Grave's Disease. She said that the presence of God came on her so strongly that she began to cry. Her husband asked her what was wrong, and she explained the best that she could. The pain left instantly, and then, she noticed soon afterwards that all the weakness was gone, as well!

Months later, she contacted me to let me know that she had some testing done, and there was no longer evidence of Grave's Disease in her body. HEALED! Thank You, Jesus!


Strange Bruising and Pain Healed

I prayed for a woman who had bruises on her legs that never seemed to go away, as well as constant pain in her legs and feet. As I prayed, she felt intense tingling, however the next day, the pain came back. We prayed again, and again, she felt that intense tingling. She later messaged me and told me that the Lord had healed her legs and feet completely- no more bruising and no more pain!


Chronic Fatigue

The devil is such a liar! I prayed for a woman tonight with chronic fatigue and NOTHING happened at first. She told me that she did not believe that God wanted to heal her because of a mistake that she thought she made in the past. What a liar the devil is!

All I did was to explain that Jesus healed ALL in the multitude and surely, they made mistakes in their lives, as well. Some were probably prostitutes. Then, the power of God hit her. The guilt and depression left. Her mind cleared, and her strength returned.

Don't believe the lies of the enemy!


Mental Issues Healed

I asked those in my meeting in Russell, PA, to decide what "ceilings" were keeping them from walking in the fullness of all God had for them. I came by and simply laid hands on them and believed these things were broken. One woman was asking God to change something in her brain so that she could focus and read the Word without distraction. She fell to the ground and felt fire go through her brain and head. FREEDOM!

Miracles in Russell, PA

This was a weekend of constant miracles. Women were able to lift their arms without pain who had not been able to do this before. A woman was healed of bunions and was dancing in church the next day.  Legs grew out and back pain left.

There was one miracle that touched my heart the most. A young woman stood up and could barely move. She was in so much pain in her back, and she had been running a low-grade fever for awhile. Her doctor planned on scheduling a bone marrow biopsy soon because they could not figure out what was wrong with her. I laid hands on her, she felt tingling go through her back and body, and she began to move around freely. All the pain was gone! She also knew that the fever had broken. The next day, she came back to the meetings moving freely with no pain, no fever, and praising God with all her heart!



Varicose Veins Healed

I had a word of knowledge that there was someone that God wanted to heal of vein issues on FB. After I posted it, a woman sent me a message that had had so much pain from her varicose veins that she could hardly get anything done. As we prayed, she felt heat in her legs and ankles and right  before her eyes, the deep purple color changed to a light color and the swelling completely went down. The pain was gone! She said she was jumping up and down on them with NO PAIN. The Spirit of God then touched her with JOY, and she began to laugh.  I heard from her a few days later and she still had no pain, no more swelling, and no more dark purple color. She said that she was able to get much work caught up on now that she had no pain. To God be ALL the glory! He was the One who healed her!




Woman Set Free from Severe Panic Attacks and Anxiety

This dear woman had been through 16 years of deliverance ministry, but it had not touched her problems with anxiety and panic attacks. She had never been on a date, had never been able to get out among a crowd of people, and feared even leaving her home. I prayed a simple prayer for her on chat for this to stop and for the chemicals and hormones to come into balance in her body. THAT NIGHT, she was able to go out on a date, drive home on icy roads with no anxiety or fear. The next night, she went to a crowded restaurant and met her boyfriend's friends with NO fear or anxiety. JESUS set her free. Don't give up on your miracle! 


Hindu Man Gives Jesus His Life

A man from India contacted me for prayer for his daughter who was asleep at the time. Then, he said, "I am a Hindu by birth, but I have been reading the New Testament many times. God was preparing him!!!!! I asked him if he had come to the place where he had asked Jesus to live inside of him and be his Lord and Savior. He said, "No, can I do that?" I assured him that he could. He prayed with me and gave his life to Jesus. I explained that he should only worship God the Father and Jesus from now on. If you will simply make yourself available and GO, God, will prepare people for you to minister to. 


 Fibroids Disappear During Prayer

A woman asked for prayer for huge fibroids that she could feel with her hands. Her abdominal area was hard and she had much pain, Because of the fibroids, she couldn't have any children.

WELL, God is good! Her abdominal area totally softened, the pain left, and the fibroids disappeared during prayer!!!! She is now believing for her twins!


Aggressive Tumor Disappears within a Few Minutes

I woman contacted me via FB chat asking for prayer for a very aggressive tumor that she had in her breast. As I prayed, she felt it shrink away to nothing underneath her fingers. Praise God! He deserves all the glory!

Shingles Miracles

On Sunday morning in church, I had a word of knowledge about pain in someone's back. No one immediately responded, but later, a woman contacted me and said that during the service, she began to feel pain on her back. When she got home and checked it, she recognized it as shingles. I prayed for her on the phone and in less then a few hours, the rash, soreness, and pain was gone. 

On another occasion, a woman contacted me who had shingles in her eye. As I prayed, it all completely left. 

Jesus paid for YOUR healing!

Woman Tells Doctor: "I'm Going to Church to Get Healed

On Thursday evening, at church, a woman told me that her eye doctor that day had told her that she needed to get shots in her eye or she would go blind. She had had much blurriness in that eye. She walked out of the office and said to him, "I'm going to church to get healed."

I prayed for her, and the glory and joy of the Lord hit her. She began to laugh in the Spirit, and said, "I feel so GOOD."  

The next Sunday, she testified that all the blurriness left and has never come back. JESUS!!!!!!

Ten Years of Stomach Pain Disappears

 I prayed for a man with burning and pain in his stomach, which he had had for 10 years. I received this testimony from him:

"I felt something run through my body like electricity and felt instant relief. No more burning.Feeling hungry. Even that was not common."

One of the amazing things about God is that He allows us to be a part of seeing people set free!

Cavities Disappear

I prayed for a three year old girl as her dad held her in his lap. She had multiple cavities in the back of her mouth, and the dentist had said that they had to be capped. She went for a new appointment, and no cavities could be found. Thank You, Lord!


Fluid Build-up in Brain Disappears

A woman who was in the hospital with fluid build-up in her brain asked me to pray for her. She was having terrible headaches and was scheduled for surgery in order to put a shunt in her head to drain the fluid. When I prayed, she felt tingling go through her head, and then the pain was gone. When they sent her for another scan, all the fluid was gone! Surgery was cancelled!  Thank You, Jesus!


Broken Foot Healed

A woman sent me a message on FB saying that she had broken her foot. As I prayed, she felt heat and tingling. I prayed again, and this time she said, "I felt a POP in my foot." All the pain left. After that, she was able to walk on her foot with no pain. Before prayer, she could not walk on her foot at all. Jesus truly is the same yesterday, today, and forever!


God Lines up Jaw

A woman contacted me with severe tooth pain that had been caused by the enamel on her molars being worn away. I prayed for her several times, and then the pain completely left. She did not know that God was also going to heal the CAUSE of the enamel wearing away. The next morning, she realized that her jaw had lined up. Previously, she could not put her molars together because of an extreme overbite, but that morning, she could press her molars together perfectly! God knows so much better than we do how to bring complete healing!


Crack in Tooth Disappears

A woman contacted me and asked me to pray for her 11 year old daughter who was in pain with a toothache. The toothache was caused by a crack in her tooth. The pain left after several prayers/commands. Not afterwards, she contacted me and told me that the crack was also gone. Her daughter kept trying to find it, and mom had the pleasure of telling her that GOD healed her!



Powerful Online Encounter with God

 A precious woman came on chat and asked me why there were so many religions in the world. Well, I shared the gospel with her, and she gave her life to the Lord.

Then, I simply prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill her, and she said, "Wow!" I asked her what happened, and she said that her whole body lit up like a dry piece of wood. She said she was tingling and feeling burning. Then, she said, she could hear words inside of her that she did not understand! The Lord baptized her in the Holy Spirit! She didn't even know what that was!

THEN, I found out that she fully intended to kill herself tonight, but GOD intervened! She said that for the first time in her life she felt peace. All I can say is that His love is beyond amazing!

Liver Miracle

A woman contacted me with pain in her liver area. Her liver was not functioning correctly, and was closing down. As I prayed, the pain totally left, but the real evidence of the miracle came about a month later. She went back to her doctor for new testing, and her liver was functioning at 100%! What a great God!


A Few Dental Miracles

A woman contacted me on FB who had pain in her jaw from teeth that were not lined up correctly. After prayer, she checked and her teeth were aligned perfectly. 

I laid hands on people in our church for dental miracles, and a tooth that she had had pulled grew back in. 

A woman contacted me on FB chat who had a tooth that was rubbing against her gums and causing pain and irritation. After prayer, she checked it, and God had moved the tooth!

Uncontrollable Blinking Healed

A man came on FB chat who had been blinking uncontrollably for FOUR days! From this ordeal, he had a horrible headache, dizziness, and painful muscles around his eyes. The Lord stopped it instantly as I prayed. 


Chemo-Caused Neuropathy in Feet Healed

A woman came on FB chat NO feeling in the front half of her feet. As I prayed and commanded, she said, "Wow! I can feel my toes. I can feel my son poking me in the foot!" The next day, she shared how she was able to walk a distance now. God is SO good!


Cysts and Bacteria Cancer Disappear

A woman asked for prayer on chat because she was having a uterine biopsy  for suspected cancer. She felt the presence of God come on her with chills and tingling as I prayed. 

After new tests, she reported to me that the cysts and cyst clusters had all disappeared AND the bacteria cancer had all disappeared! The doctor told her that those things DON'T just disappear, but they did in the power of JESUS' name. She was sent home with a clean bill of health. 


Herniated Disc Pain healed in Jamestown, NY

I prayed for a woman during a meeting I was conducting in Jamestown, New York.  She was in constant pain, and would literally SCREAM in pain every morning. She told me that if she held her infant grandson, she would not even be able to WALK the next day. 

The Lord instantly removed the pain that night, and since that night,  she has had NO pain, and she said that she took care of her grandson and even danced around the room holding him with NO PAIN the next day!


Miracles in Jamestown, NY

What an awesome night in the presence of God! A woman's painful and previously broken foot was healed, and three people were healed of back sciatic nerve pain.

As I prayed for one woman with pain in her back, she began to cough. She was set free from a spirit of grief in an instant! Then, she began to laugh, and she laughed for more than an hour as the Lord healed her heart. 

The best part: A young man who had been involved with Luciferianism and the occult gave his heart to the Lord and was set free from many tormenting spirits.  WONDERFUL Jesus!


Hepatitis C Healed

At a meeting in October, a woman came and sat on the front row, waiting for her turn to receive prayer. When I looked at her, she was shaking. I wondered if that was part of her condition, but she said that it was not and she did not know why she was shaking. It was the presence of God on her! She explained that she had hepatitis C and was waiting to have a biopsy on her liver. I prayed a simple prayer.

I saw her again several months later. Her grandmother explained to me that when the went back for a follow-up CT scan and blood work, her liver was normal. No biopsy needed! 


Connective Tissue in Mouth Healed

I was ministering in a home meeting recently, when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for someone wearing red. There was one woman there in red, and she needed a miracle. There was something wrong with the connective tissue in her mouth and the doctor had scheduled a biopsy. She had so much pain that she could not even touch her face. After prayer, all the pain left. When she went back to her dentist, he told her that she had experienced a "miraculous" recovery, and no biopsy was necessary. 


Blind Eye Opens


     Once the Lord told me that if I would pray for a woman in my church, that He would give her 20/20 vision.   I quickly prayed and she landed on the floor. When she got up, she said, "I can see out of this eye!"

"I said, "What do you mean, you can see out of that eye?" 

What I didn't know was that she was 100% blind in one of her eyes, and God opened it right there on the floor! 


Another Eye Miracle

At church, a woman had been told by her eye doctor that she had a "blind spot" in her eye. That eye was completely blurry, and she was experiencing twitching and drooping. After prayer, all the blurriness, twitching, and drooping was GONE. 


Metal Miracle


During a morning service, I "saw" a woman twist back and forth. I did not know what the Lord was showing me, so I asked, "Does anyone have pain in their back?"

No one did! Then, a woman said, "I can't do that because I have metal in my back." She stood up and demonstrated how she could not twist! She explained how uncomfortable this really was. 

I asked the Lord to remove that metal, and then said to her, "Is anything going on in your back?"

She said, "No, I KNOW I have metal in my back because I can't....." Instantly, she started twisting back and forth!"  I saw jaws open all over the room! That's my JESUS! 


Another Metal Miracle

I prayed for a woman on FB chat who had MUCH metal in her head. One piece of metal was over her eye lid, and every time she would lift her eye lid up, the metal would move and it would HURT. After prayer, there was NO pain no matter how much she moved her eye lid around. 


  JESUS Trumps New Age


Once when I was shopping,  woman brought her friend to me in the middle of a store who needed healing in her ears (vertigo, ringing, etc) and healing in her shoulder. She couldn't raise her arm much at all, and none without pain.

Well, I prayed for her shoulder first, and she said, "I feel heat." She was amazed and explained to me that she goes to someone who uses crystals and chases away "bad energy" and she feels heat then. Hmmmm..... I had never ran into this situation before.

She raised her arm and found no pain except when she moved one way. I prayed again, and she felt tingling. She had never experienced that before. Afterwards - NO PAIN! She lifted her arm HIGH over and over again. She truly seemed amazed that God would heal her through the power of Jesus' name alone!

In my heart, I simply prayed that the Lord would show her that HIS power is SO much stronger than all the crystals, etc, in the world.

Then, I prayed for her ears, and the ringing instantly stopped! She was not experiencing any vertigo right then. Now, THAT was a new one for her!  

I have heard since then that she is STILL pain-free, and she STILL has NO vertigo or ringing. 

ALL honor and praise goes to the Lord! 


Pleurisy Healed


At a recent meeting, a young man came up for prayer with pleurisy. He was in great pain and kept grabbing at the top of his abdominal area. Not only that, there was much swelling in that area. As I prayed, the pain completely left, and then, he said with amazement in his voice, "It's gone. The swelling is all gone. I can't find it."  Praise Jesus!  


Sciatic Nerve Healing and Movement in Leg and Foot Restored


At this same meeting, a woman came up for prayer that had a sciatic nerve problem. After prayer, the pain was gone. After the service, she came up to me and said, " I just had to come up and thank you again. Look at this!" She moved her foot back and forth and up an down.  I didn't know why this was a big deal to her until she explained. Since a knee surgery that she had had, she was not able to do that at all, UNTIL Jesus touched her!


Growth in Uterus GONE

A woman came on chat and asked for prayer because there was a TUMOR growing alongside her baby inside of her uterus. The result was that her uterus was tilted into her bladder. Soon after that, she went for a follow-up scan. The growth was GONE and the uterus was perfectly in position. 



Hindu/Catholic Man in Saudi Arabia Healed

A man recently came on FB chat who had been in pain for eleven years. His doctors believed it to be nerve pain. I soon realized that he did not know the Lord as his Savior and was worshiping many "gods" and even demons. He gave his life to Jesus, renounced the false gods, and soon was set free! Eleven years of pain left him! Then, I prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I told him to just open his mouth and see what comes out. He said, "I was praising Jesus and then these other words came out that I don't know what they mean."  

I said, "That's it! That is your prayer language. Just keep speaking that out."  

 How beautiful! The Lord reached a man who was hungry to know the true God through prayer ministry on FaceBook! 

Voodoo and Scars Gone!

A woman came on chat and told me that she had been waking up in the morning with horrible burn marks on her body and SHE was not doing it! She also had pain in her stomach. As I spoke to her, I realized that she was a victim of voodoo. I prayed FREEDOM over her and HEALING. Well, the pain left her stomach, we got off of chat, and I pretty much forgot all about it.

Several days later, she contacted me and told me that, not only had the attacks stopped, but that the scars from the burns were about gone! On one half of her body, they were all gone and on the other side of her body, they were almost gone! They were extremely faint!

This is my JESUS!!!! 


Blockages Gone

 I prayed for a lady on FB chat who had had two strokes in two weeks. The doctors had discovered that she had two blocked arteries. As I prayed, she felt tingling moving through her entire body. She went to the surgeon in order to discuss surgery, they did a follow-up test, and the blockages were gone!

Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever! 


Creative Miracle

I received a message from a woman on FB who was in severe pain, a level of 11. She was just about to call 911 because she could not breath. She was also in the middle of breast reconstruction.  

As I prayed, the pain instantly left and never came back. She went to visit her doctor who told her that it was impossible for her not to be in pain because the nerves and muscles were being regenerated. Nevertheless, NO PAIN. She shared how God touch her with this Iranian doctor.  

Now, the really cool part. She had needed several weeks of saline injections in order to bring the breasts to the right size. BUT, God had supernaturally grown them out with no need of more injections! 


 Liver Enzymes Healed

When ministering at Outreach for Youth Church, a young woman came up and sat on the front row waiting for her turn for prayer. As I walked up to her, I noticed that she was shaking quite hard. I asked her if she ever experienced that before, and she said that she never had. She did not have a clue as to what was happening to her. When I asked her what her need for healing was, she said that she had lupus and hepatitis C, her liver enzymes were sky high, and b she had to have a liver biopsy. She was scared and shed some tears as she told me this. I prayed a quick prayer and went on. 

About a month later, I got a phone call from someone at the church informing me that she had a retest of her liver enzymes and they were 100% NORMAL. NO biopsy needed.  Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

Man in Wheelchair because of Leg and Back Problems Walks

A young man met me in chat who had had a bad accident. He was in lots of pain, had difficulties with his legs,  and had been in a wheel chair because of it. As I prayed, he heard a loud crack/pop, and then the pain was gone. He said that he was standing up, and walking, and touching his toes with NO problems. That was impossible before prayer. He said that He felt that God's love healed him. At one point he said, "This is REAL!" 

YES, YES, YES! Healing is real, and Jesus loved us so much that He went to a whipping post for our healing. Come on, everyone! Jesus did that! He is SO worthy to be praised!

Nerve Tumor and Gout Healed, Bone on Bone Knee Pain healed

A woman came to  my home for prayer who had severe pain in her feet from gout AND a very painful nerve tumor on one foot. On top of that, she was scheduled to have a knee replacement because of severe pain in her bone on bone knee. 

Instantly, all the pain left her feet and her knee. The next day, she noticed that the nerve tumor had disappeared, as well. Her daughter said that she was walking pain-free limp-free,  and impediment-free for the first time in 20 years!

Severe Back  and Arm Pain and "Lumps" on Back Disappear

I prayed for a man in Mexico through a three-way conference call with an interpreter. He had a pain level of 10 in his back and arm. 

The pain dropped from 10 to 6, then 6 to 3, and finally to 0.

The next day, the interpreter told me that the large lumps on his back were also gone. 


Thirty Years of pain in Back Gone

A woman came on chat asking for prayer for her back that had been in pain for more than 30 years! Her back was damaged when a 600 pound tank landed on it when she was plane mechanic. OUCH! As a result, she had nerve damage in her back and several herniated discs. 

As I prayed, she felt heat in her back and the pain completely left! She couldn't move any way to make it hurt again. This has been several weeks and the pain has never returned! Her back is fixed by God Himself!

Tumor in Spine Disappears

A woman contacted me via FB chat and asked for prayer because she had a tumor in her spine. She was in great pain. When I prayed, nothing seemed to happen. She contacted me several days later to let me know that she had a follow-up scan and the tumor was GONE. 


Herniated Disc Back in Place

A woman contacted me via FB chat who was in extreme pain with a herniated disc. She was unable to walk and had to have someone else move her. I called her on the phone, and soon the power of God began to flow. The pain left, and she was able to get out of her chair and walk alone. Shortly after that, she went to her doctor for a follow-up scan which showed that the herniated disc was back in place and 100% normal. 

Ears Healed on FB Chat

I prayed for a man who could not hear his wife speak to him while he was standing right beside her. After prayer, he could hear her speak to him SEVERAL ROOMS AWAY. 

He also had so much pain and stiffness in his hands, that it was debilitating. God removed ALL of that, also. Thank You, Lord! He is SO good!


Nerves Restored in Back

After ministering at a church recently, a young man who had missed the service came to me for prayer. He had ALL metal in his lower back - no bones! As I prayed, he felt LOTS of  pressure and pain. He was obviously very uncomfortable. After a few moments, he said, "I can feel your hand on my back!"

I said, "You couldn't feel anything there before?"

He told me, "No, the nerve endings were all dead." 

End of story: The nerves were rejuvenated, and he had feeling there again, and there was NO more pain. Thank You, Jesus!







   MORE to come!!!!