I knew what it was to be derailed, to feel stuck. I have been there too many times. Many times I didn't even know why I was stuck. Then, the Lord gave me a dream.

In my dream that I had years ago, my husband and I were on what I knew was a dangerous mission trip. One morning, our group was in a large room waiting for our host and hostess to arrive, but they did not come at the time they were scheduled to come. I quickly became concerned because I knew that this trip was risky, and I was concerned for their welfare.

Suddenly, the door banged open and a man came in. He breathlessly shouted, “YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!” Everyone began to run out the door in a panic.

I remembered that I had shoes on the floor beside me, and I picked the two pairs up that I owned so that I could take them with me. Then I looked around and was amazed to see that there were shoes still on the floor all over the room. It appeared that no one had picked up their shoes.

I saw a friend’s pair of extra shoes beside me and I picked them up. I thought that I could take them for her. I tried to carry my shoes and her shoes out the door, but I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to take hers and mine at the same time. If she doesn’t care enough to take her own shoes, I can’t take them for her, I thought. I quickly put her shoes down and headed for the open door.

I watched as people around me were running as if in a panic .Soon, we came to a building that held our suitcases. In my dream, I understood that I was going to need my suitcases for the next mission trip I went on. I knew that there were supplies stored in them for these trips.

I watched as everyone ran right by the building that housed the suitcases. They were too afraid to stop long enough to get what belonged to them. Then I saw one woman stride over to the building, her arms swinging by her side. As soon as I saw her determination to get what belonged to her, I decided that I was not going to allow fear to stop me from getting what I needed, either. With a determined look, I marched towards the building.

As I was approaching the building, some children came out carrying our suitcases for us. They were laughing and singing with their childlike voices. They sang, “Here’s your stuff! These are for you!” Then I woke up.

As I pondered this dream,  the Lord spoke to me and explained that the shoes that were left behind were gifts and callings. His people were allowing fear to stop them from what He had called them to walk in. FEAR is Satan's biggest plan to derail your future.

I have dealt with that "fear plan" in the past - fear of making a mistake, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of pride, fear of being out of God's will, and many more. Fear is defeated in the love of God, however. Those fears are now a thing of the past.

Remember that no one can carry the "shoes" that God has for you. They fit you perfectly.  God knows how to create the perfect "shoes" for you. They are glorious shoes.

There is great, great joy when you are determined to go after what God has for you, as illustrated by the singing children. JOY! I now know the joy of walking in my gifts and callings. It is wonderful!

The time is now to say "no" to the enemy's plan to derail you with fear. The time is now to pick up the "shoes" God has for you. Sometimes you simply have to CHOOSE and rest in His ability. Go for it!  Don't wait.The world needs you!


Taken from my book - "Everyday Miracles" as found on this website and Amazon.com.

AuthorSherry Evans