A number of years ago, I began to ask God to show my my potential. At first, I didn't hear anything, but then one day, as I was walking, He dropped a familiar picture in my mind. It was the account of the four men who lowered their paralyzed friend right through a roof in front of Jesus.

I got it! I would go into other people's "houses" (churches or groups) and tear down "ceilings" or mindsets that keep them from walking in God's power!

The fact is that if we don't deal with our mindsets, we will never reach our potential and walk in the power that God has made available to us.

There are many such mindsets, but there are some that seem to be the BIG ONES.

MIndset #1 - It is selfish to want power. Wait a minute! Whose idea was it to walk in power in the first place? Of course, it was GOD'S idea. He provided the baptism of the  Holy Spirit for the purpose of giving us POWER. HE was the one who told us that believers shall lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. He said that believers would cast out demons and do many other mighty works.

If that lie doesn't work, the enemy's tactic may change. He may say, "Well, OK, but you should be more concerned about character than power."   My dear friend, why can you not be concerned about both?

It is never selfish to desire to be a blessing to others by walking in the power to set them free. Ask any mother whose child needs a miracle.

Mindset # 2 - It will work for everyone but me.  Please remember that the Bible does not say that "whosoever believes in me shall do the works that I did and greater works", EXCEPT for ______________________ (fill in the blank with your name.) (John 14:12) 

You are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. You are not the special exception to the promises and power of God that is dwelling within you.

The key is to fill your mind with the Word and then step out. Take every opportunity to minister in power and watch and see what happens!

Mindset #3 - I must protect myself at all costs. The reason that many people will not attempt to minister in power is that they are afraid. They are afraid of being embarrassed. They are afraid of nothing happening. They are just afraid.

Remember that perfect love casts out fear! Allow God's love to fill you towards those who are suffering. See them. Really see them. You have what they need in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Put on courage. You may have to step out a few times "shaking in your boots", but it won't be long until you have overcome those fears.

Remember who you are! You are a son/daughter of the most high God. You were MADE for this!

Mindset #4 - It is prideful to be confident.

No, no, no! Confidence is not pride!

I would like to address my sisters, especially, right now. Many of us grew up believing that we must step back instead of stepping forward. We were especially conditioned to believe that we must be VERY careful not to appear to be proud. As a result, many of us backed up so far that we attempted little for the Lord.

What we need is BOLD HUMILITY!

When Peter and John healed the lame man at the Gate Beautiful, Peter boldly told the lame man to "look at us! Rise up and walk!" (Acts 3:6) That was boldness. It is always right to believe God's Word and boldly expect healing and miracles to follow you everywhere you go.

Then several verses later, as the people desired to sacrifice to Peter, he said, "In HIS name, through faith in His name has made this man strong." (Acts 3:15)

Peter understood bold humility. He understood that the power of God was IN HIM, but it was God's power.

God's power is in us, but WE must allow His power to flow by stepping out. Miracles and healing are a cooperative effort between us and the Holy Spirit. We are ONE with HIM.

It's time to tear down those ceilings over our heads and bring the lost and hurting to Jesus!

Let's go!

Sherry Evans

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