Do you remember when your heart burned for God?  Nothing was too much for Him to ask of you. You were so in love. You longed to see the world know Him. You wanted to lay hands on everything that moved so that they could be healed. Then something happened. Lies took root in your mind, you were disappointed, or busyness took over.

God had some explicit directions in the Old Testament concerning the fire on the altar- it shall never be allowed to go out. God lit the fire, but He asked the priests to keep the fire burning. That meant putting logs on the fire on a daily basis. It also meant that a priest would never douse the fire with water.

"Don't put out the Spirit's fire." (I Thess. 5:19) Clear directions.  The fact is, though,  that there are times that we allow thoughts to creep into our minds that pour buckets of water on the fire inside of us. Without knowing it, perhaps, we put out our own fire.

It's time to expose those internal narratives!


Narrative number 1: "People seem to be noticing me.  I might appear prideful. I better tone it down a little bit, back up, not be quite so visible."

And, soon, you have backed up so much that the fire has grown quite dim.

"Nor is a lamp lit to be put under a bushel, but on the lamp stand; and then it gives light to all the house." Matthew 5:15

The lamp must be lifted up and placed on a lamp stand in order to light up the house. It does little sitting on the floor. I am not talking about pride or self-promotion. I'm talking about walking in faith that you will light up the way for many. I'm talking about touching as many lives as possible.


Narrative number 2: "I don't want to _____________________ (fill in the blank with whatever your heart burns for) because I can't do it as well as _______________________ (fill in the blank)." 

Putting conditions on your obedience douses the fire in a hurry.

"But they, measuring themselves among themselves, and comparing themselves by themselves, are not wise." II Corinthians 10:12

Run your own race, and tell God you are available to Him for whatever He asks. Give Him an unequivocal  "YES" and, your fire will BLAZE.


Narrative number 3: "Well, I will do it some day, but right now, I'm just not ready."

TODAY is the DAY! 

I had a dream years ago in which I was the speaker for an event in a church. In my dream, I got to the church, and it was packed. Suddenly, the thought came to me, I'm not ready. I need some visuals.

I took off to get some "visuals". When I came back, I saw a man singing patriotic songs to the people, and as I watched, he said, "Bye!" The people filed out of the room. I knew I had missed my opportunity. Then I woke up.

I heard the Lord say, "If you don't reach them, someone else will, but it won't be for Me."

Just start. You will grow as you do.


Narrative number 4: "I'm just too busy to spend time with the Lord."

There is always time to be with those that you love. Carve out the time. He longs to fill your heart with His love and fire. His love causes Your fire to burn brightly. You must BE before you can DO. A love relationship with God will keep the fire burning.

Lord, here we are. We want to blaze for You.  We again give ourselves to You for all that You desire. We refuse the narratives that douse our fire. We love You, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen

Sherry Evans

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