It was only a few weeks before Christmas, when a young woman from our church called me. She frantically said, "Would you please pray for my husband? When he was five years old, he was burned over 95% of his body. He wasn't even supposed to live, but he is still here. His parents didn't keep up with the surgeries he was supposed to have, and he is in so much pain."

I didn't completely  understand what was causing the pain, so she explained, "His skin is too tight. He can't bend or move hardly at all!"

I asked her to call him to the phone, and as she did, I could hear him saying in an irritated voice, "What do you want?" Then all I heard were whispers between them. I could tell by the time it took him to come to the phone that he was quite reluctant. 

He finally took the phone. He told me that the doctors had told him that he would be permanently disabled.

The rest of the story: This man and his wife were freshly out of the Amish church. All of this was SO new to them. I had been privileged to introduce them to Jesus as Savior, but they were still trying to grasp Jesus as Healer.

After sharing with him the good news of Jesus and His healing power, I prayed a quick prayer and asked, "How is the pain now?"

With no expression in his voice, he said,  "There is no pain now." I asked him to try to find the pain, but he insisted that there was NO pain.

I saw him several days later at his workplace. I asked him again how his back was doing. He didn't answer, but instead, with a huge grin on his face, he began to bend back and forth, from side to side. He touched his toes with that same huge grin. I asked,  "Any pain?"

"NO PAIN," he said, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He couldn't move before at all, let alone without pain. Months later, he still had no pain and could move freely. This was a joyous Christmas for this family!

Since that time, this young man has gone home to be with Jesus. This Christmas is ESPECIALLY joyful for him! He is celebrating before the throne!

I am so glad I had the honor of leading him to the Lord. I am so glad that the Lord removed his pain while he was on earth.

TODAY, remember that each person you see may be in eternity tomorrow. Share Jesus! TODAY, reach out and touch someone with God's healing power. TODAY, bring joy to someone who is alone. TODAY!

AND, if you have any Amish neighbors or friends, as I do, give them a hug because they are precious. Offer to pray for them.  Their lives will be touched.

Merry Christmas!

Sherry Evans

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AuthorSherry Evans