As I was watching a revival service online a few night ago, my spirit became  more and more stirred. Ryan LaStrange was ministering impartation in a number of different areas, and the hunger inside of me to do the same was raging. Finally, I decided to do something about it. I would minister impartation on Facebook!

Here is how I did it: I asked the Lord for words of knowledge concerning the things that God wanted to do in people's lives on Facebook, sent them messages concerning those things, and then I prayed impartation for them in that area. It was going well, but nothing remarkable was happening.

Then, I saw her name on my Facebook list. I had never had a conversation with her nor did I know her in any way, but I heard the words in my spirit, "She has a business anointing. She is a woman of excellence. She hears me well, and that ability will enable her in her business."

I made a mistake at that point. I looked at her Facebook timeline, and confusion filled my heart.  She is a mom with very young children. How could that word of knowledge be accurate? I thought. I must be wrong. But, the thought wouldn't go away.

There was a war going on in my mind. I am well-developed in healing, but not nearly as much in the prophetic. I began to analyze my emotions. Why didn't I want to give her the word? SIMPLE - I MIGHT BE WRONG. I MIGHT LOOK FOOLISH.  Oh, my! Was that still there?

Sometimes, we think that we have outgrown something, but in a new situation, such as I faced here, it rises back up. I knew there was only one solution. I told my mind to be quiet, and I sent her a message with the word. I also humbly told her that if the word made no sense, to just throw it out.

She answered in all caps. "SHERRY!!!!! Oh, MY!!!!!!"

I thought, "Well, I guess I got that right."

The next day, I got a message from her. She explained that she had given up her degree and career in order to take care of her children.  She was doubting what God had for her in the future, but SHE HAD SPENT ALL DAY WRITING DOWN BUSINESS IDEAS! I had heard God after all, in spite of what I saw with my eyes on her Facebook timeline.

So, what do you do when you think you heard the Lord direct you into something that makes no sense? What about when you feel as if the Lord has asked you to begin a new job or ministry? What if you sense that He wants you to move? Or, on a simpler level, what if He asks you to step out and pray for that person in Walmart's parking lot?

First of all, take a little bit of time to analyze why you feel uncomfortable doing it. If there is self-protection in your emotions/ thoughts,  deal with those emotions. Fear of looking foolish is not God's way of redirecting you. Ask God to fill you with His power and love. Refuse to give into these wrong ways of thinking.

AFTER you have dealt with those things, ask God for His timing. In this case, I knew that the timing was RIGHT THEN. Many things the Lord asks of you must be done right then because you may never see the person again that He wants you to minister to.  In some areas, that might not be the case. There could be timing issues in moving or starting a ministry. You may need to speak with a mentor or close friend concerning the issue of timing.

Know your bent. Some people have a tendency to rush into things. If you are a person like that, and the issue is something that may not be timed for NOW you may need to slow down and seek God for a little while. If you are a person who is constantly hanging back, you may need to step up more quickly.

Obey the Lord boldly, but humbly. What if I would have made a mistake? What difference would it have made? It would have made no difference, and I would have grown in my ability to hear His voice.

God often asks us to do things we don't understand. Through our relationship with Him, we grow in trust during these times. He LOVES it when we walk in that trusting, childlike way with Him.


Sherry Evans

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