Thinking like God. There was a time when that would have sounded pretty arrogant to me. Can we even do that?

The answer is, “Yes!” The Bible is full of encouragement to think like God. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) “We have the mind of Christ.” (I Corinthians 2:16) “Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5) There is often a process involved with learning to think like God, and mistakes make great teaching tools.

I was conducting a meeting in Ohio, and after I spoke, I asked who needed healing. A woman shot her hand up and said, “My husband does. He is legally blind and has a lot of other neurological issues.” I had noticed earlier in the meeting that he had very little sight. His wife had to guide him everywhere.

Here is where I made the mistake. My natural mind took over, and I thought to myself This one could take some time.

I said to her, “Let’s leave him to last. It might take longer for me to ministry to him.” WRONG!

I prayed for others, and many were being healed, but after awhile, the wife of the nearly-blind man raised her hand again. “Would you pray for my husband now?'“

I knew there were others that needed prayer, but I realized that it was possible that this couple needed to go home, so I agreed.

“What can you see?” I asked him.

He answered, “I can only see shadows.” He demonstrated that this was the case.

I commanded his eyes to open, and then said, “Look around and tell me what you see now.”

He began to look around the room, and then he looked at my name tag and read it! He had a priceless look of amazement on his face!

Then, the unexpected happened. He said, “I feel heat in my chest! Wow, I can breathe freely!” I hadn’t even prayed for that.

Then, he said, “I feel heat in my fingers and arms. Oh, my! The numbness is gone!” He continued, “The heat is spreading! I feel heat and tingling all through my body! My brain stem even feels normal.” I also had not prayed for any of that.

The next morning, his wife said that he had so much energy that he was up until 2 AM after that meeting. I do not know of the progress that he made in healing after that, but I do know that God began a powerful work in his life.

His miracle was the fastest and most dramatic of all the miracles I had seen that night. Yet, initially, I had reversed into my natural mind and had forgotten to think like God.

Thinking like God means….

—-Realizing that NOTHING is impossible!

—-Realizing that to Him, no case is harder than another.

—-Realizing that when He said, “It is finished,” He meant that everything that needed to be done for the healing of every disease and the forgiveness of every sin was already accomplished.

—Realizing that through Him, nothing shall be impossible to me.

Adam Knapp recently shared a vision on Facebook that he had had. In the vision, God allowed him to see what was in Jesus’ mind. He said, “Adam, do you think like I do?” He then saw himself as Jesus saw him. He was dressed in Kingly garments. He had a crown on his head and a scepter in his hand, and he was walking with great authority. Then Jesus said, “If you would only think of yourself the same way that I think of you.”

The limits we put on ourselves are self-imposed, but He invites us to “think like Him.”

Going for His fullness,

Sherry Evans

AuthorSherry Evans