"That's not fair, God! You are asking me to do things that I can't do!" I remember clearly telling God that as I took a walk.  I was right....and at the same time, so very wrong.

I had been receiving some prophetic words that seemed far beyond me. Most of them were concerning preaching and standing before crowds. It wasn't that I didn't want to do those things. Oh, I wanted to do them, but I looked at myself and said, "Not gonna happen." God must have shook His head.

The problem was that I did not understand the ways of God.

Deuteronomy 32:11 compares God to an eagle mama when she "hovers over her nest." That word "hovers" is the word for "broods."  Scientists believe that an eagle hovers over the eaglet's nest to communicate a picture to the eaglets. The picture says, "LOOK! YOU CAN DO THIS!"

Many times, God "broods" over us. He shows us things through prophesy, another person, or even our deep desires that are meant to say, "LOOK! YOU CAN DO THIS!"

A friend shared with me recently that he had seen a video in which the mama bird went even further. She gradually stopped bringing her baby eaglets food. Those eaglets were soon motivated to fly!  God sometimes will do that with us, as well.

Have you ever experienced a time in which you couldn't feel satisfied anymore with always receiving from others? You were HUNGRY for something else that you could only have by flying for yourself. That dream in your heart burned too brightly to ignore any longer.

Yet, there is a brooding time. If you took an egg that you bought in the store, you would not crack it open and see a fully- developed chick in there. Of course not. There was not enough time for the chick to develop. 

In our lives, God often puts dreams and desires inside of you that, in yourself, you can't walk in yet.  He puts them in there so that you can begin to do what you CAN do. He is brooding over you!

What can you do now? If you want to teach, don't look for a platform.  Open your home to a group, make videos, write blogs, or whatever you can do where you are.

If you want to hold healing services,  minister healing in the streets, on Facebook, or in your home.

Step out! The very act of stepping out doing what you can do NOW will prepare you for the next that God has for you. You will grow internally, like the chick in the egg, so that you will be ready for the total vision that the Lord has put inside of you.

Moses had a desire in his heart to bring deliverance to his people. However, he went about it the wrong way and killed a man.

When he fled into the wilderness, I am sure he was a humbled man. But, the desire to be a deliverer was still there. He saw some shepherds harassing some women who were trying to draw water. He promptly chased the shepherds  away and drew the water for the women and watered their flocks.  THIS time, he fulfilled the desire in the right way. God was brooding over him.

For forty years, Moses went through a time of internal development in that wilderness, in which he did what he could to serve. Then, Moses saw an amazing sight - a burning bush that would not burn up, and God called him into the fullness of what was in his heart, to be a deliverer.  He learned how to survive in the wilderness, then he took the whole nation into the wilderness.

One type of eagle in the Middle East is the Golden Eagle. A Golden Eagle's wing span is 8 feet and 4 inches. Wow! When God compares Himself with an eagle saying  "... she (the mama eagle) takes them and bears them on her wings" (Deut. 32:11), He reminds us that He is big enough and wise enough to get us to the place that is in our hearts!

Remember that you are not wanting to do something "for" God. You are going to do these things WITH God. You are one with Him. You have the Holy Spirit inside of you. What could be too hard for the Holy Spirit inside of you?  Step out with what you can do NOW. Be faithful with what you can do NOW.

When I said that God was asking me to do things I couldn't do, I was right. I wasn't ready to stand in front of crowds and speak, but I was also wrong. With God, we can do ALL things. He knows how to get us to the dream in our hearts IF we will just be faithful and cooperative.

Let's go!

Sherry Evans



AuthorSherry Evans