Most of us have been labeled in our lives. You know- the shy one, the loud one, the bossy one, etc.  Sometimes those labels become our identity.

Some take their identity from a political party. "I'm a Republican. I'm a Democrat. I'm a conservative or liberal."

Some take their identity from their family. "I'm from a poor family. I come from a train-wreck of a family, so I'm just a mess."

Some take their identity from their past. "I am such a loser. Look what I did. I'm an alcoholic.  OR, I am a college graduate. I am SMART."

You get the point.

Moses had a reason to have an identity of an Egyptian. He was raised in Pharaoh's household. Acts 7 tells us that he was distinguished by his accomplishments and words. He had it made in so many ways! He was rich, powerful, and comfortable.

Then, God began to work in his life. God placed the desire in him to check on his brethren. From that moment on, his heart burned to be a deliverer to them.

Hebrews 11:24 in the Passion Translation says this, "Faith enabled Moses to choose God's will, for although he was raised as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, HE REFUSED TO MAKE THAT HIS IDENTITY."

Moses refused to make that his identity because THAT WAS NOT WHO HE WAS. He was a Hebrew!

Let me tell you that all those labels, your past, your family, or your political leaning are not truly who you are.  Refuse to make that "earth stuff" your identity because that is NOT WHO YOU ARE.

You are a citizen of heaven - a "heavenite!" You are the son of God, a member of the royal family. You are an eternal being with an eternity purpose. You are here on assignment! You are a connection between heaven and earth for the purposes of God.

There comes a time when we must choose our true identity. Choose to identify with who you really are! When you do, your life will change.

Moses' life changed drastically. He left his riches and influence to live with the Hebrews. It may have looked like he lost on the short-term.  BUT,  he went on to deliver the Israelites from the grasp of the Egyptians. He found his true purpose on earth! He found PURPOSE! Now, he is eternally honored in the kingdom of God.

When you choose your true identity, you will find adventure in God that you did not think possible. "When you  lose your life for My sake, you will find your TRUE self." (paraphrase of Matthew 16:25) Even if it costs you in the short-term, God's reward system is out of this world!

Identify with your true identity!

Your fellow "heavenite",

Sherry Evans


AuthorSherry Evans