Moving in step with the Holy Spirit is important,  but refusing to obey His nudging in your heart because of fear or uncertainty is deadly.  A number of years ago, the Lord gave me a dream to illustrate this principle.

There was a time in the past when I had the same conversation with God many times. It went something like this: "Lord, is it time? I really want to have healing, revival, and equipping meetings outside of my own church. BUT, I DON'T THINK I'M READY! Why do have this deep desire when I am not ready?"

I was making a deadly decision. It was deadly to my dreams and to those whom the Lord was sending me to reach. The decision was to WAIT. Wait until I "felt" ready. Wait until I "thought" I could do it. Your feelings will lie to you! 

Then, I had the dream. In my dream, I was scheduled to speak at a meeting at another church. I saw crowds of people going into the building, but I thought. "I am not ready. I need some visuals." The visuals were most likely memories of teaching school in the past.

I took off to look for the visuals and then headed back. When I entered the church, I saw that there was a man in the front who was singing patriotic songs. He stopped,  looked at the people and said, "Thank you for coming," and the people filed out of the room.

I looked in dismay as I knew that I had lost my opportunity. I woke up and heard the Lord say, "If you don't go, someone else will reach the people, but it won't be for Me." Patriotic fervor is a poor substitute for the power of God. Should I say that again???

Ecc. 11:4 says, "He who watches the wind shall not sow; he who pays attention to the clouds will not reap." 

If you are waiting for the perfect season, it will never come. If you are waiting for a perfect you, you will never launch out.

If God has called you to preach, start sharing the Word on the streets, find a nursing home to go to, or invite people to your home. START.

If God has called you to minister to the sick, just do it - on the streets, on internet, or with your family.  START.

If God has called you to minister as a prophet. Don't tell everyone that you are a prophet. Just start asking God for words for others. START.

All that you need will come as you START.

If God chose you, who are you to question HIS choice? His wisdom is impeccable.

Throw out the negative thoughts that have controlled you and fill your mind with what the Word says. You are MORE than a conqueror. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. As you dwell in Him, you bear MUCH FRUIT.

YOU are important and needed in the body of Christ. There are people that only you can reach. Your part is NEEDED! God flows through people.

As one in the harvest field,


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AuthorSherry Evans