Just recently, I had a mild form of shingles. It was so mild, that it was misdiagnosed. Six weeks later, I noticed discomfort and blurriness in my eye. I paid a visit to an ophthalmologist and found that it was a complication of the shingles. After a course of steroid eye drops, the inflammation was gone, but I was left with some mild cornea scarring. 

The good news is that Jesus is my Healer, and I fully expect to have this scarring disappear. Right now, I have some blurriness in that eye that does not cause me any real problems, unless I close the other eye.  Someone explained that it is like trying to look out of a crack in the glass of a window.

Today a light went off inside of me. OHHHHH...... So THAT Is what is happening with many people. They misjudge and misinterpret others because there is a CRACK that is in their SOUL. They just don't see clearly.

Paul talked about it in I Corinthians 13:12 when he said that "now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face." Things are a bit blurry at times.

  • We think someone is angry with us when they are just preoccupied and engaged in their own issues.
  • We have expectations of others that they can't meet and get offended when they don't meet them. We say "SHOULD" a lot. They SHOULD do this or that.
  • We assume that someone who has a different political or theological view than we do has evil intent when they don't. They just see things differently.
  • We think God is ignoring us when He is really preparing breakthrough for us in the background.

We do these things because of the past experiences in our lives that hurt us and caused cracks. We often don't see people, ourselves, or God clearly.

The good news is that JESUS knows how to heal cracks! Some cracks take time to heal, and some cracks are healed instantly. Emotional miracles are not too hard for our Almighty God! I have seen depression and anxiety healed with one touch from the King as I laid hands on them. I have seen spirits of grief driven out with a word.

I remember one woman in particular. I knew that God wanted to tear down some ceilings in her life that were keeping her from going forward. I laid hands on her with no knowledge of what God was going to do and BAM, a spirit of grief left. She cried. Then she laughed.....and laughed.....and laughed. Then, she was free!

What do you do when you realize you have a few cracks?

  1. Refuse to get offended. People behave in certain ways because they have their own cracks. It is more about them than it is about you.
  2. Believe the best of others. I Corinthians 13:7 Leave the judging of motives to God.
  3. Give all of your past negative experiences to Father. Ask Him to lift them off.
  4. Allow people who walk in the power of God to lay hands on you. All that you need is in His presence.
  5. Meditate on what the Word says about your identity and relationship with God.

The answer is JESUS!

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AuthorSherry Evans