It had been a couple of hard days. A friend that I had prayed for died. A man with cancer did not receive manifestation of healing and had to undergo a surgery. A group that I spoke to was less than enthusiastic about the healing message. They canceled my next meeting.  My mind rehearsed how painful it was to see so many people suffer. I allowed myself to think about how difficult it was to minister in the area of healing when healing does not manifest. I puzzled over the discrepancy between the promises of God for healing and the times that it did not happen. That was the state I was in as I fell asleep.

   As I slept, I had a vivid dream in which I was in a gorgeous, new home in the mountains. It was truly beautiful. As I looked outside, I saw lush forests around me and the valleys below me.  I saw that there were other homes all around me, as well, but the amazing thing was that there were pathways from my home to each of those other homes. 

   I decided that I would invite my new neighbors over to my home for a gathering. They did come, but as I tried to speak to them, they seemed to ignore me. Puzzled, I watched them all go home.

   Then, I noticed a flat-bedded train car nearby that was just about to leave the area. I jumped on and rode through the forest with my hair blowing in the wind. It was sheer pleasure, and the scenery was breath-taking. We came to a stop a little ways down the track, and I jumped off. Then, I heard a voice say, “We need to go back now. There is too much danger.” Even though I had no fear, I got back on the train and headed back to my home.

   I walked in my house and noticed that there were people inside that seemed to be ignoring me. I walked into my bedroom and sat down on the bed. I suddenly became aware of an open closet and was shocked to see that it was full of all kinds of tools and small appliances. It was crammed full of these as if there was not an inch of room left. Then I woke up.

    As I woke up, I distinctly heard the Lord say, “Don’t change your message for anything.” The voice was so distinct and loud that I thought I had heard Him speak audibly.

   As I pondered the dream, I understood that this dream was not just for me, but for the body of Christ. The pathways to the other homes illustrated new doors that are opening to touch the lives of those who are in need. Open doors will increase. The Lord is taking us to a higher place with Him, as in the majestic mountains. 

Just as I rode the train, we are "on track" with what He has called us to do.  However, in order to walk in the power of God, we must all leave the safe comfort zone that we have been living in.  Sometimes, it may feel like there is emotional “danger” all around. Not everyone will agree with your primary message or ministry. Not everyone will "hear you." Remember that as you become more prominent, so will the criticisms. 

In the area of healing, the message is that Jesus still heals. He desires to heal every person on the face of this earth, regardless of our current level of success in ministry. Many cannot see beyond their past teaching and experiences to accept that message. Nevertheless, the word of the Lord is: “Don’t change your message for anything!”

 The Lord is faithful. He will give you all of the tools that you need to do what He has called you to do. In fact, they are stored up for you, as in a closet with the door removed for you to discover and to learn how to use as you come to intimately know Him. He is calling for us to dig deep in our relationship with Him. He has all that we need.

Be assured that the Lord has chosen you to walk in His power. Lives will be changed as He gives you increased favor. There are too many people who need what you have inside of you for you to quit and give up. A greatly needed ingredient in any ministry is simple perseverance.  No matter who accepts your message or you ministry, "don't change your message for anything."


AuthorSherry Evans