A number of years ago, I began to seek God for an increase in miracles. As I saw the needs in people's lives, my heart would be broken, and I would feel a desperation to see them healed and set free. You can be sure that when you truly seek God, He answers. He is faithful!

I went to sleep praying that night and woke up in the morning with a clear picture in my mind. I saw a catalogue with many medical supplies in it. I watched as the pages turned displaying walkers and wheel chairs. Then, just as quickly, I saw a blind man with a seeing eye dog. I was confused and shocked. Did God want me to sell health products? What was He trying to tell me? What I had just seen did not fit with what I felt the Lord had told me to do in the past.  One thing that I was not confused about however, was the source of the vision. I knew it was God.

I quickly asked the Lord, "What are you trying to tell me?"

Just as quickly, He answered. He said, "There is a move coming in which these things will be unnecessary, and I want you to position yourself to be a part of it."

I asked the obvious next question. "How do I do that?"

His answer has impacted me in such a way that I will never forget it. He said, "Remain hungry. Remain humble. Remain faithful."

It is true that every believer can lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. It is true that we have what we need in the person of the Holy Spirit inside of us. However, there is certainly room for growth. The Lord is going to activate and pour out gifts of working of miracles, faith, healing, and word of knowledge in an increased way in the days to come. What we do NOW will determine how much we are able to enter into what He does THEN.

Don't become satisfied at the level you are at. How can we when there are still so many that are suffering? We must remain hungry to walk into greater levels.

Pride will cause God Himself to resist us. Stay in a place of humility. He is the source of all that happens of a supernatural nature.

Faithfulness is key! Sitting and waiting for something to drop from heaven may disqualify you. Start where you are. Don't quit. Simply act in obedience to the Word and go and minister healing. You WILL see miracles.

Remember that although you can't control the wind, you can set your sail!

AuthorSherry Evans