If God is such a God of compassion, why do some places never seem to experience miracles? If you have wondered that, you are not alone. God spoke to me about that in a dream a number of years ago.

In my dream, a mother brought her son to me and asked me to pray for his healing. Even though it is not necessary to be in a church to heal the sick, in my dream I decided to go to a church building. God was illustrating where miracles will happen.

I saw a huge building that I knew was a church down the road from where I was standing. We walked over to the church and, as I got closer,  I noticed that it resembled a large corporation.

We continued to the door, and I saw an escalator going to the top floor. As we went up the escalator, I looked around at the people. Everyone seemed consumed with their own affairs. I saw men in suits talking on their phones, and I knew in my dream that they were making business deals.

When we reached the top floor, I looked around in shock at what I saw. The room was full of people, but none of them seemed to notice us. I again noticed that the men were all on their phones making deals. The teenagers were talking with each other with whispers and giggles.

I noticed a worship team in the front of the room. They were not worshiping, however. They seemed to be providing background noise or perhaps entertainment. No one in the room was worshiping either. They were too busy making deals or socializing with friends.

Then I saw him. There was an extravagantly dressed man standing to the side who looked like a dishonest salesperson. He had a sly look on his face, and he was twirling his mustache around with his fingers.  I realized that this was the “Jesus” that the people in the room worshiped. He was not the true Jesus, but it was THEIR Jesus.

I told the mother, "I can't pray for him here. We need to leave." Of course, a person can be healed anywhere, but the Lord was symbolically showing me truth through this dream.

You see, the people in this "church" were interested in a "Jesus" who would give them a good deal in life. He was a means to an end.

The people had no concern for the lost and broken, including the young man that I brought to their gathering.

The people's lives revolved around themselves. Very little supernatural ministry happens in those types of places.

We headed back down the escalator and exited the building. I looked around wondering what I should do next. Then I noticed a smaller, enclosed porch off of the top floor of the large building. I told the young man and his mother, “Let’s try that porch.”

I saw that there were steps we would need to climb to get to the porch. As we approached the stairs, I noticed that we needed to go through a deep river in order to get to the steps.

The three of us walked through the river and then walked up the steps. As we entered the enclosed porch, we were warmly greeted by those in the room. There were far less people in this room than in the large corporate building room, but they were filled with warmth and love. They surrounded us with faces full of concern.

There was no worship team in the room, but I knew that the people were worshiping in their hearts. I sensed the presence of God all around.

Then I saw HIM! I saw Jesus standing there with a huge smile on His face. Love radiated from Him, and He welcomed us with open arms. He did not have expensive clothing on, but He was glorious in every way. I KNEW this was where I could pray for this young man, and he would be healed.

Miracles happen where people love Jesus in a relational way.

Miracles happen where people are filled with God's compassion for the hurting.

Last of all, miracles happen where the Spirit of God is permitted to move freely, as illustrated by walking through the river.

Of course there are other factors.There is faith in Jesus and an understanding of what He provided, but love and relationship is PARAMOUNT! Let's build places of fellowship built on those things.

REMEMBER- healing happens on the streets, in stores,in homes, or wherever you walk in relationship with Him. You do NOT have to go to a building. However, let's make our places of fellowship places for MIRACLES.

AuthorSherry Evans