The woman said to me,"Please pray for me that I will be able to find a ride to the doctor. I've been so sick."

I answered with a bit of confusion, "Well, would you like me to pray for your healing?"

She answered, "Oh, I don't want to ask God for that. So many people are suffering worse than I am."

This is a generalized story of many conversations that I have had with people. I am always surprised when someone responds like this.

Last week, I was reading about the healing of the crippled man at the Gate Beautiful. There he was begging, as he always was. He knew that Peter was going by, so he thought, "Maybe HE will give me some money."

Peter had a better idea. He told the man, "I don't have any money, but I do have something else. Rise up and walk!" That man leapt to his feet and took off jumping.

As I read that account, the Lord spoke to me loud and clear. He said,"Many of My people are just like that crippled man. I want to set them free from so many things, but ALL THEY WANT IS SOMETHING TO GET BY IN THE STATE THEY ARE IN." The crippled man did not know the power in the name of Jesus for healing. He just wanted money while he stayed crippled.

Have we settled for less than Jesus paid for and desires for us?

Have we settled for sickness when Jesus desires us to be healed? I don't have an issue with going to a doctor or having a needed medical procedure done, but will we believe as we go?

Have we settled for mental torment when Jesus wants us to be free?

Have we settled for an ordinary life when Jesus wants us to live a supernatural life?

Have we settled for a distant relationship with an unknown God when Jesus wants us to walk with Him in intimacy?

Will we believe for all that He has promised us in the Word? Will we remember His great heart as a Father? Will we remember that He is able to do "exceedingly above all that we could ask or think."? (Ephesians 3:20)

What a season we live in! Don't miss what God desires to do with small thinking. Don't settle!

Sherry Evans



AuthorSherry Evans