Most of us have had times or seasons of insecurity. However, God has made a way for you to overcome. 

Without warning one night, I had a vision of the Lord coming and standing before me. I didn't see Him clearly, but I saw the love emanating from His eyes. I didn't ever want to take my eyes off of Him.

Then, He took my hand, and gently turned me around. What I saw gave me a profound sense of inadequacy and intimidation. There was a huge crowd before me. I knew the Lord wanted me to minister His Word and His power to them. My thoughts churned.  How could I minister to such a large crowd? Will I know what to say? Will I know what to do? Then, I watched as He walked towards me and entered right inside of me. At that moment, every bit of those feelings of inadequacy and intimidation melted away. WE ARE ONE! HE IS IN ME! WHAT IS THERE TO FEAR?

The answer to every bit of inadequacy is the knowledge of WHO is inside of you.

There is a fascinating account in I Samuel 5 of a time when the Philistines took the ark of God and placed it in the house of Dagon. The next morning, Dagon had fallen on its face. They tried again. They lifted Dagon up, but that night when it fell, its hands and head were broken off.

At that time, the ark of God housed the very presence of God. But now, WE house the presence of God! Get this! He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Every enemy of God falls on its face before the God of the universe. When you walk in the room, HE walks in with you. What is there to fear?

Dagon's hands were broken off. The enemy's power and authority to destroy you has been broken. His head was broken off. His wisdom to destroy you has been destroyed. He has no authority over you. Because the enemy has no authority over you, he goes about it another way.  He just keeps whispering lies of inadequacy in your ear until you believe him.

Where are you focusing? On the greater One inside of you? On His Words spoken to you? Or are you focusing on the whispers of the enemy.

On another occasion, the ark of God was taken to the house of Obededom (I Samuel 6). What happened next is so powerful. God blessed and prospered the house of Obededom because His presence was in that ark.

Are you aware that every place that you go can be blessed by the presence of God inside of you? Never again think that you have nothing to give, my friend.

Again, where are you focusing? Are you focusing on the One who is inside of you? Or are you focusing on your weaknesses and inadequacies.

HE IS IN YOU! Go forth with confidence in Him!

Sherry Evans

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