Are you feeling unsettled with where you are at? Don't too quickly assume that it is the enemy causing you to feel that way.

On Sunday morning, as I was praying before the service, I saw a picture in my mind of a chess game. Then, I heard the Lord say, "Sherry, I am moving many people around in this season, and this moving will position my people so that victory can be won quickly."

Many people are in transition right now. Although some are changing locations or churches, many are transitioning in ministry.

So often, we only see things from our own perspective, but GOD sees the big picture. He knows where each one of us needs to be. We are part of something BIG! The enemy has already been defeated. Now we are a part of enforcing his defeat on planet Earth. What a privilege!

The Lord is bringing many to the forefront that He has been preparing in the background for many years. He knows where you are. He knew just where David was when his father didn't even see value in him. No need to promote yourself or frantically try to find a "place". God sees your faithfulness, and He will place you.

Some who have been traveling may find themselves building a ministry in their own backyard. Some who have been ministering at home may find themselves traveling. Whatever the change is, it will be GOOD.

You can be very sure that the place God puts you will allow you to be the most effective in the Kingdom of God. Victory is SURE!

Trust Him! Yield to Him! Much change is ahead!

Sherry Evans





AuthorSherry Evans